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Tile Touch Up Paint - 3ml

Suitable to repair light scratches and chips on all kinds of bathroom or floor tiles, including Ceramic, Porcelain, Cement, Marble and Terracotta Tiles. Designed to take the eye off damaged areas so they are un-noticeable unless you look very closely. Please note this product will not fill chips completely.

This product is a professional water-based tile paint providing an unmatched quality finish. This product offers exceptional bonding and durability.

This is a high-quality paint, no top coat required, scratch resistant, won’t fade, waterproof, cleanable, high wearing and long lasting. This product is non-solvent based, non-toxic and non-flammable.

Best Advice: To hide light coloured damage always choose a colour that is slightly darker than the tile, then use a different colour similar to the tile for best results. It is possible to use just one colour but sometimes two colours can create a better finish. The example used Medium Yellow Grey as a base colour and then Tan to finish and blend.

*All our products come with professional instructions to help you get the most out of our products*.

Coverage: 3ml Paint - 20cm x 20cm

tile repair touch up paint pen
tile repair touch up paint pen

Suitable for:

● All Types of Tiles


● Water Resistant
● Cleanable


LeatherTouch Up Pen  
Sponge Applicator

Tile Repair Paint Colours


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