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Leather Aroma Spray

Leather aroma spray is a highly potent air freshener that smells like real leather. This product really is the closest thing to a real leather smell you will find and easily applied. This long lasting fragrance can be sprayed on the back of chairs or on car vents to disperse the aroma.

Aroma Spray brings the leather smell back to your products, car interior or furniture. This product is great for cars & furniture. The spray comes in handy size bottles that you can leave in your glove compartment and only needs a couple of squirts to give your whole car a leather smell. Ideal when sprayed into car air vents to give an aroma throughout your car.

As with all of our products pro instructions are included to make sure you get the most from this product. It is one thing have the right products but knowing how to use them is the key.

If you are not sure if this product is suitable for you please contact us for more information.

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Leather Aroma Spray

Suitable for:

● Leather
● Fake Leather


● Gently Cleanses
● Safe and Effective
● Pro Instructions


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