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Mould Cleaner

Professional mould & algae cleaner suitable to remove mould from fabrics and surfaces, car seat mould, furniture and more. It contains special biocides which kill mould and algae, preventing their re-growth. It can be used to remove atmospheric fallout, tree sugar sap, bird droppings, general dirt, grime and sea salts on convertible roofs and hoods where green tends to build up.

This product is very strong so will remove most things, if green algae is left for too long on canvas it can stain it so it is best to remove it as quick as possible. If it does stain canvas it can become impossible to remove. We have black canvas dye though if this does happen on black convertible hoods.

As with all of our products pro instructions are included to make sure you get the most from this product. It is one thing have the right products but knowing how to use them is the key.

If you are not sure if this product is suitable for you please see our product help section for more advice on the type of material you are working with. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Mould Cleaner

Suitable for:

● Fabric
● Leather
● Plastic
● Metal
● Wood


● Breaks Down Dirt
● Stain Removal
● Safe and Effective
● Pro Instructions


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