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Alcantara Products

V-fix provide a full range of professional alcantara care products including alcantara cleaner, mould cleaner, alcantara stain gaurd, alcantara glue, complete alcantara care kits and repair kits. All of our products come complete with instructions to show you how to use them effectively.

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Alcantara Cleaner Alcantara Stain Gaurd Alcantara Clean & Stain Protect Kit Leather Split / Tear Repair Kit Leather & Vinyl Glue
Alcantara Cleaner
£8.95 - 500ml
Alcantara Stain Gaurd
£11.95 - 500ml
Alcantara Clean &
Stain Protect Kit

Alcantara Split / Tear
Patch Kit

Leather & Vinyl Glue
£8.95 - 50ml