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Vinyl Repair Kit

This repair kit is designed to secure holes and rips in vinyl. This process is something that can be done very easily to stop rips or hole getting any worse. It will also stop water getting in if you have a hole on a boat or car hood. This kit works by covering the hole in new material, sealing the area from water and suporting the area from more damage at the same time. Please let us know what colour you require when ordering this product. The colours are as follows.

● Bright Red
● Black
● Off White
● Navy Blue
● Burgundy Red

As with all of our products pro instructions are included to make sure you get the most from this product. It is one thing have the right products but knowing how to use them is the key.

If you are not sure if this product is suitable for you please contact us for more information.

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Vinyl Repair Kit

Suitable for:

● All Vinyl
● Convertible Hoods


● Strong Bond
● Flexible
● Waterproof
● Pro Instructions

Please detail colour required

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