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About Protected Leather

Protected Leather has a protective finish that repels water making it easy to clean and maintain. This type of leather can maintain a new look for years if cared for properly. Protected leather normally has a slighly glossy surface, although new leather generally has a matt finish. As dirt starts to build up on the surface it will then become shiney, which is a good way to tell it needs cleaning on dark colours where its hard to see the dirt.

This type of leather is hard wearing and the most common type of leather. If you drop water onto the surface it will simply sit on the surface, not soak in and simply make the surface shiny.

How to Care for this Type of Leather

Protected leather can easily be maintained. Its protective finish makes it easy to clean and then once its clean you can apply a conditioner to help protect it from dirt, keep it supple and give it a nice feel and smell. If you clean protected leather it is important to condition it afterwards, as cleaning it can leave it dry and make it more prone to wear. By conditioning it you not only help to protect it but you will also find it is much easier to clean time and time again as the dirt will stick to the conditioner instead of the leather.

What Products are Available for this Type of Leather

As protected leather has a protective surface there are a wide variety of ways to care for it. As this type of leather is easy to clean, leather cleaner is a very good product to maintain the new look. If you clean the leather it makes sense to then condition it as the conditioner will then protect it from further dirt sticking to the leather, making it easier to clean the next time. Once the leather has been cleaned its best to then just use conditioner once a month or every other month. Our conditioner removes dirt as well so its an easy way to maintain this type of leather on a regular basis and only take a few minutes to apply.

The kits we supply also have brushes and cloths, which provides you with everything you need, including full instructions to shown you how to get the best from the products.

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