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About Aniline Leather

Aniline Leather has no protective finish and because of the way it is made and dyed makes this very hard to clean and maintain. The photo above shows what happens when it gets wet. as the water soaks in the leather goes very dark. Aniline is commonly brown in colour and the way it is dyed makes it appear more patchy and rustic rather than a flat colour. Generally over time the colour fades making it more patchy and more rustic. This type of leather is very hard to clean as a water based product will soak into the leather. As the water soaks in, when you try to scrub the dirt out all you do is end up pushing the dirt around and this can result in ring marks where you have just pushed the dirt outwards. This can also take 24 hours or more to dry and return to its original colour.

This type of leather is very delicate so it should always be treated with care.

How to Care for this Type of Leather

Aniline Leather is very difficult be maintain and just about anything including water can cause a stain on this type of leather. As it has no protective finish any dirt or dust forms on the surface and then moves deeper into the leather. After a while you may find that even a drop of water will cause a clean spot where it has landed or a dark spot where it has mixed with the dirt.

Aniline Leather Conditioner is the best product for this type of leather. This product is very simple to use and provides moisture to dry aniline leather. Simply applied in light coats to the surface, it soaks in to bring back the colour of faded leather and helps to stop leather drying out. Very quick all in one solution to maintaining aniline & semi-aniline with a nice leather aroma scent and a non-sticky finish.

What Products are Available for this Type of Leather

Prevention is better than cure with aniline leather. Waterproof protect is the best option if you want to avoid stains. The protectant comes with a mist spray applicator allowing you to gently spray a layer onto of the leather without it soaking in. This will then provide a barrier giving you crucial time to wipe any spillages off before they soak in. If you do get a stain Aniline cleaner will break down dirt and help to dilute the spillage, this allowing you to draw out the stain, but care must be taken and scrubbing the leather is only advised it absolutely necessary.

The kits we supply also have brushes and cloths, which provides you with everything you need, including full instructions to shown you how to get the best from the products.

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